Marchal: Insight XIX
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Insight XIV Solo piensa en tu vida... Las cosas buenas que te han…

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Julien Marchal

lost and found in sound hahaha, that’s funny, I’m the aggressive guy. I don’t know you, you don’t know me.
I already explained why I don’t like when people take the music and upload it directly on their channels. All big channels ask before uploading anything and some people asked before uploading, it’s just fair to do this.
Yes I have time now to try to convince you that I don’t like this.
No worries for the music business. If I can continue to do the music I want, I will, if it work it’s ok if not... it’s ok too. And if one day I want to change my job I will.
I’m not aggressive, trust me.
You are aggressive and you are in the emotional part.
I stop here because I think I already gives all what I think about this and you will not change your point of view.
If you think you help people by posting their music on your channel, go for it!
If you think you can take a music, uploaded it by your own on your channel, go for it! But please, don’t come here to try to convince me that I’m the baddest guy in this.
I’ve said everything I have to say.

Julien Marchal

lost and found in sound Hello, it’s not the first time people upload my music on their channel without asking me and it’s the same for other artists.
You need to understand that music has rights also and you can’t just take it without asking someone.
I’m a little bit tired of this. Why does it uploaded on your channel? Maybe for having people on your channel, no? Having lot of followers etc?
Let me explain to you with an other point of view. It’s like if I was selling pottery. I have my stuff, you take one, you put it on your stand, you let my name and put yours also on it.
I ask no money on YouTube so, no ads. Why people want to upload on their own? Make a repost on a playlist, it’s ok, no?
So, you can continue to argue that I’m a « bad guy » I just want artist not be stolen and I think it would be the same for you.
I hope you understand and it’s better to receive words from me than directly YouTube who ask you to delete it or delete your account directly.
Have a good day or night!

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Лиза Завитаева

Я искренне рада, что когда то нашла вашу музыку, она заняла особое место в моём сердце❤ и будет занимать его всегда❤ Спасибо вам большое!🥺

David Abeal

Recientemente descubrí tu espectacular obra, puro sentimiento, un sin fin de emociones , es espectacular, te deseo todo el éxito del mundo.
Un saludo desde España.


My favorite pianist. Don't stop making this art, Mr. Marchal. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Julien Marchal

Ohhh... Thank you so so much! :) I'm also running my own label and doing lot of stuffs on the side but a new album will come (I don't know when for now but it will come. Promise).

Manny Calavera

Does it calm you as much as it calms me?
I love this stuff man, I really do.

Ани Меликян

+Julien Marchal Hello Julien. Can you shoot piano tutorial for Insight XX?? Pleaseee. It will be for me a B-day present))

Julien Marchal

I can't explain clearly what I feel when I play but yes, kind of calming. Deep breath, playing with time.

Tim Hout

i never heard music that hits you this much, i write small books and this inspires me and helps me though rough times, thanks. love you and your music <3

Сергей Долгополов

Выше всех похвал

Сергей Долгополов

@Julien Marchal Bravo!!! Above all praise!!!

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