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In My Drinks
lily rose Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by lily rose:

Breakin' In Been tellinβ€² all my friends I just don't wanna spend…
Green Light Gimme that green light Gimme that green light Gimme that gre…
I Don’t Smoke Yeah, I been creepin on your IG I can't even find…
Know My Way Around I know my way around my hometown I know every back…
Overnight Sensation Lookin' at the faces starin' back at me Stage lights are…
Stronger Than I Am Bartender, hit me I need a drink No none of that good…
Till I Kissed You Never felt like this until I kissed ya How did I…
Villain Yeah, I've heard things Goin' 'round and 'round running thro…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Impish Songster333

Hello, Lily Rose!πŸ‘‹πŸ»
I just stumbled upon your fantastic music via Facebook ad, a couple days ago. I quickly checked out all your songs, then bought a ticket for your Portland, OR show. I don't play. Lol. From there, it went like this; like it-buy it-enjoy it-blab it. To everyone. (so they can enjoy too). Grocery line strangers, yeah sorry, you're not safe either. Lol. It's that grassroots, old school, word of mouth stuff, before Insta & TikTok. Yep, that's my jam. Lol.

When will vinyl albums & CDs, be coming out? Please tell me there will be vinyl? Please? Or...lie to me. I'm good with both. Lol

Alright, I'm really loving your sound & your songs, such a vibe! I'm a big fan, can't wait to enjoy more music from you! Keep at 'er! I'll see ya next week In Portland.

Fyi, I'm allllmost 5ft tall, so if I'm up close-ish, don't panic it's not a child. Lol. If I don't make it up close, I'll still be enjoying all the great sounds, peeping through armpit holes. Lol. (won't be the 1st, or the last time). It's the sacrifice I make, for you, as a fan. πŸ˜† *chef's kissπŸ’‹

Have a fun & safe tour! See ya in the PNW, next week!😎🌲😁🦌

All comments from YouTube:

Windsor Hanish

She seriously doesn't have a bad song....NOT ONE

Mae Lizzio

I'm literally addicted to her stuff...and she's literally simply amazing!!!

Mae Lizzio


Lily Rose

We love that!

Shannon Crawford

This is my 10th time on repeat , my husband 9th and my neighbors 8th ! Pretty sure we all agree this is amazing πŸ‘ keep it up !

Jeannie Darnell

Damn I love your songs. It's πŸ”₯as always. This is another added to my Playlist. Much love ❀️

Christman Opera Company

Damn! Lily knows how to deliver a country song!! Love it 🎢

Julie Marcoux

first time I have heard your music, love it! what a great song

Angelica Lister

I love it!!! You can do no wrong!!! I'm with the girl of my dreams but this would be so fitting if I wasn't!!! I love, love, love your voice!! ❀πŸ₯°

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