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Whatcha Know About That
lily rose Lyrics

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Willie D featuring Sho Verse 1: [Willie D] As I roll …

We have lyrics for these tracks by lily rose:

Breakin' In Been tellin′ all my friends I just don't wanna spend…
Green Light Gimme that green light Gimme that green light Gimme that gre…
I Don’t Smoke Yeah, I been creepin on your IG I can't even find…
Know My Way Around I know my way around my hometown I know every back…
Overnight Sensation Lookin' at the faces starin' back at me Stage lights are…
Stronger Than I Am Bartender, hit me I need a drink No none of that good…
Till I Kissed You Never felt like this until I kissed ya How did I…
Villain Yeah, I've heard things Goin' 'round and 'round running thro…

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Comments from YouTube:

Lily Rose

Probably one of my favorite songs yet. Let me know what y’all think about the video!

Listen Here:

Logan Wheelz

Andrew Perez

So much talent right here y’all

Lyn Doster

Awesome, definitely worth the wait and now a new favorite.

Fred Honest

Hello Lyn..

Joseph Lidester

A masterpiece 💫

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Danielle Shearer

Great song. Keep singing to me about where I want to be.☺️👍

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Amy Davis

Love love love it! Damn girl keep em coming. Everything that plays thru my house is u ! Im hooked on them all!!!

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