The Cascades
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Jean-Pierre Rampal John Steele Ritter Run to the doc An ocean with fog Stare into my reflection A…

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Banana Well whatever you do don't forget to bring banana. Whatever …

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Great! Can't wait to buy it! Although I really could do without visuall effects and weird walking around stuff. Thankfully it doesn't take up to much time, but i think generally people want to see the band making music on their live DVDs and not them trying to make some third rate video art. But enough of this criticism, the music is awesome and it is great to be finally able to see you play it!


I learned so much! Thanks, miRthkon. And where is miRthkon World, where they sell the vehicles 'n stuff?


fucking awesomeeeeeeee can't wait for the DVD!!!!


just wanted to write something witty celebretaing the band's awesome music let us all pretend I did it

Gareth Sidwell Bass


FireIn TheAsylum

i've congregated in the vast expanse of untamed information many times

Transparency Audio & Music Productions

Bald Ass as FUCK! You guys are killin it!

FireIn TheAsylum

badd asss!


@FireInTheAsylum at first I thought this said 'bald ass'.

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