Don't Fuck With Flo
moe. Lyrics

He was big and fat and his name was Jack
Tried to kill his old lady with a baseball bat
When the cops came around, you know what they found?
The bat up his ass and lying on the ground

With his balls in his mouth his hands tied to the bed
A tiny little note that was nailed to his head
Cop reached over just to see what it said
Pried off the note and this is what it read, it said
Don't fuck with flo, don't fuck with flo
Don't fuck with flo, don't fuck with

She was big and smelly and her name was Kelly
Tried to steal the secret recipe to fat Flo's jelly
By the time she was found her skin had turned brown
Except for the parts that'd been fed to the hounds

And the tiny little pieces in the jar by the bed
There were just a couple of items that were stuck to her head
The note on the door that was painted in red
In big fat letters that clearly said

Don't fuck with flo, don't fuck with flo
Don't fuck with

It was a stone groove, my man

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My dad played this to me as a child...Times were so simple...What happened?

ben wellendorf

Sounds a little zappa influenced

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