Plane Crash
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Up in the sky
It's a bird,
It's a plane
Yea, it's a plane.
I'm not afraid to fly,
I'm not afraid,
Yea, I guess I'm afraid.
Fear is a good thing,
It teaches us humility,
And it can keep us sane.
So I'll fly high if I have to,
If I could, I'd take the train.

Livin' away from home on the road all the time ah,
All the time
I've been up and down and back and forth,
No reason or rhyme, yea you guessed right.
Makes a grown man confront his fears,
Consider options, he'd normally decline.
I'm gonna find my ticket to fly,
I'm gonna fly, I'm gonna fly-high

Strap me in, tie down,
and roll me a bone
I'm gettin on an airplane,
and I'm flyin home
Strap me in, tie down,
I'm learning to fly
Travel cross the country,
I get too fuckin high
(Too fuckin high)
I don't want to die
(Too fuckin high)
Too fuckin high
(Too fuckin high)
Too fuckin high
(Too fuckin high)

Yeah, they fly so high, 20, 30 thousand,
That's pretty high
When they take off,
my chest sinks,
my ears pop,
I pray, I lie
I think about the network news that tortured myself,
And to pass the time,
I hear tell my seat cushion is a floation device,
Pray to god they ain't lyin'


(Too fuckin high)
I don't want to die
(Too fuckin high)
Too fuckin high
(Too fuckin high)
Too fuckin high
(Too fuckin high)
Too fuckin high high high

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Comments from YouTube:


the guitar riff before "too f***ing high" gets stuck in my head so easily.

lol u wut

im about to relive high school with this song... let's hope i survive...


"They tell me my seat cushion is a floatation device... I pray to God they ain't lying!"


"I pray, I lie"... I know when I'm praying I always say please don't let this happen to me, I'll never do it again... then I'm back at it next weekend lol

Dan Meehan

Love the double entendre in this song.

Kyle Mcauly


Abel Kane

The intro to this is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard.... Ever. It sound like some dramatic song from the 1920's.


That reverb on the intro riff is top notch

Grito De La Mariposa

i didnt realize it was original. I figured it was sampled from something like that haha

2 years Apart

Pray to god they ain’t lyin’!
Awesome line

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