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ornithology Lyrics

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C.PARKER Somewhere there's music How faint the tune Somewhere there…

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Dear reader,

I don't know you, but I have one simple thing to tell you.
I love you.
I really do. We may be complete strangers.
But guess what?
We are both humans. We have feelings. We have emotions. Do you think that no one understands you?
Well guess what, we do.
In fact, we feel the same way! As hard as life gets, you've gotten this far! You have fought through all the difficulties and become a soldier. I love you for that! Your smile makes me smile; it shines so bright and changes the world.
Your personality is so sweet; Cake with triple extra fudge and brownie pieces with ice cream is jealous.
Whoever sees this, I know in my heart you are a good person. You. make. the. world. the. world.
Our paths are different, but our life's aren't.
✪ Keep fighting and stay bright. I love you, soldier. We all do. ✪

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Lofi Records

Ornithology is here to take your gaze up in the clouds with his latest namesake album “Ornithology”. Warm and fuzzy guitars dance around calming piano chords, slow beats, and the sound of rain. Best to sit down for a while, enjoy the cozy atmosphere - and study the birds in the skies 🐦

Dorcas Luyeye

@chilli music You're Especially Welcome

chilli music

Thank you ♥. We love this album so much ♥♥

Dorcas Luyeye

yeah, i wish there's a lot to do





Slow Lofi Music

This channel's community is the best. No toxicity, just random people here to chill and leave their stories and thoughts. Whoever reads this, may you have a wonderful journey in life :)


the polar opposite of twitter

Soft Music

@BigGarfolini I dont even know what lettuce smell like

Soft Music

@BigGarfolini Whuuut?

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