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clad in purest white
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I In this dream of life and death, I know so…
i am the spider Take me as I am Someone you don't know Even in the…
II 空にかがやく レインボー! (レインボー!) 正義の仲間 集合! (集合!) 未来の救世主 天装戦隊ゴセイジャー (ガッ…
III I remember the day when the mojo ran away You say…
stars Outside looking down on me Outside the view is so much…

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This is pretty cool. The reason your shredder had issues with the gold wasn't because of the density or motor. It's because of the purity of the gold and gold's unique properties.

See, when metals harden with impurities, they form crystals nucleated on alloys with the highest freezing point. So say it's 99% tin and 1% various contaminates. Those specks solidify (freeze) first. Then the 99.1% alloy. Then the 99.2% And so on and so on, till eventually everything is solidified. What this does it create crystal structures on an atomic level that function as fracture planes. This gives metals their strength. The planes push back against each other rather than simply smooshing. It also gives metals their flexibility. As you put stress on a bar, the crystals act to push back on the force. It also makes metals brittle. When you fed your tin bar through, I'm guessing it's absorbed some carbon dioxide or other contaminates from various smelts, making an array of crystals that created breaking points for the metal. The force of the shredder stresses those crystal planes on the atomic scale and eventually they align and 'pop'.

Gold, however, is a very special metal. Gold, silver, and copper don't generally form large atomic crystals when in alloy, and even less so when they're highly pure. Gold is especially notorious for this, since it's the only element out side of noble gasses that hates bonding with other elements into compounds. Gold tends to form large octagonic crystals that will resist force from any direction rather than forming atomic crystals that interlock. However, this also makes them really soft as far as metals are concerned, as well as giving a relative low melting point. The gold just does its own thing rather than fight back till it shatters. So you can hammer gold till it's almost an atom thin and still not break it. It'll swap it's singular valence electrons around without a fuss rather than get nervous and start trying to oxidize. It's really amazing stuff.

So what happened was your shredder put a force on the gold, and the gold didn't have any fault lines in the crystallography to break. Instead the gold just indented, and then your shredder teeth were suddenly pressing against their own force. Normally the sheering force would cause steel or other metals to break along the faults. That doesn't happen because the gold doesn't have any. Instead the gold atoms just rearrange into new octagonal arrangements which just push back against the motor. If this had been impure gold, those impurities would have caused fault lines that would have more easily snapped. Because it was so pure, the gold just don't have those faults. Your shredder, instead of breaking the gold, just had to indent and reindent until it finally broke away chunks.

So yeah, great video. Gonna see if you've tried to shred a bar of lead.

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Note 1: Set the videospeed to 2x once the shredding starts ;)
Note 2 : The gold keeps its value even after shredding it. I will use these gold nuggets for future casting projects. If you have any ideas which i should cast, just let me know in the comments ;)

Keith Robertson

Maybe you could cast the creatures of the Chinese calander, I have a few but they were bought cheaply and they are hollow not solid, I think you could use your skills and make solid ones 😉 just an idea.

Virat Kohli

Put a whole gold bar in Mercury

Terra Firma

Casting the right object of gold could increase it's value. My suggestions: A ring that looks like a youtube play button. A pirate coin(spanish dabloon, piece of eight), several. Gold money clip, gold spork🤣, gold skeleton 🗝️key, gold playbutton pendant for around your neck, gold toilet roll holder, gold dice, gold balls🤣, gold lucky poker chip, gold belt buckle, gold chop sticks, gold monicle, gold eyepatch, gold benie, gold crown, gold cane handle. 😎

Joe tuktyyuktuk

Comments at 24k, how appropriate. I think the shredder has a hard time due to the malleability of the gold, the tin is more brittle, allowing the teeth to shear the pieces easier.


@Gauner in Lacoste you bitch the gold keeps its value even after burning it
+it’s not your money you asshole

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I was more concerned with the machine breaking than I was for the actual gold being shredded.


@StarJes Anyone Can Edit Whatever !

Darrin Triplett

@Hayden bunn well you need to move then lmfao


@StarJes uh, I live in a tiny townhouse and it's worth more than $400k... I suppose houses go for around $100k in the most undesirable shit hole corners of the US but everywhere else $100k for a house is impossible to find.

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