Wait for a Minute
tUnE-yArDs Lyrics

Wait for a minute

Monday I wake up with disgust in my head
Could not forgive myself another moment spent in the bed
Monday the mirror always disappoints
I pinch my skin until I see the joints

Today I'm feeling like I live on the ledge
Any moment I just know I'm gonna fall off the edge
They say, "hang on"
I promised them I will but I don't know for how long

Wait for a minute
I'll, I'll, I'll, I'll
I'll wait

Why do I spend the [sole/soul?] of my day
Looking for any way to waste away?
The pain is in the empty time
Just twiddling my thumbs and hoping for the words to rise

Today I couldn't stand to be all alone
And sick of hearing my voice on the telephone
A thousand roads to injury
Most of them so smooth it doesn't feel they are hurting me

Wait for a minute
I'll, I'll, I'll, I'll
I'll wait

Oh, I'll still try to leave the higher violence behind
I'll wait for relief but the illness is my mind
Why should I worry? I'm already too late
Why should I wait?

Not knowing what the future will bring
Is always wrecking my day
I guess I'll drown my fear and seal my fate
A haze of cravings, easier to do it then to just sit here and wait

Easier to do it then to just sit here and wait

Wait for a minute
I'll, I'll, I'll, I'll
I'll wait

Easier to do it then it is to just sit here and wait!

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Merrill Martin Garbus, Nathaniel J Brenner

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Comments from YouTube:


"A thousand roads to injury; most of them so smooth it doesn't feel like they're hurting me." I can't stop thinking about that lyric. Damn. So good.


Cool video, so colourful. This has gotta be one of my favourite tune-yards songs. It's much softer than everything else they've done. Meril's voice is incredible.


I fucking love how the vocalization in the chorus comes a half-beat shorter than it should.

Araxie Rose

This song is hard to listen to if you're going through depression or have suicidal ideation.


I dream like this every night, which is weird, 'cause I listen to Nikki Nack and w h o k i l l before I go to bed. Very impressive.


Beautiful and fantastic song and lyrics.For those who are going through depression (as I believe the song is about), please get help if you can.

Arthur dos Santos

I don't think it has to do with depression. Maybe just discouragement.

tony langmach

Yes Finally another great creative video to Fantastic Music..;o) THX tUnE-yArDs...!"!!! 

Sonia Reiter

love it love it love it.  yes to SNEAL. yes to tUnE-yArDs!

Morgan Boyer

I couldn't wait for a minute... 

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