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Baby Lust
the Traveling Misanthrope Circus of Lunacy Lyrics

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Lei Keylosh

To this day it amazes me how freaking gorgeous Vampire Hunter D looks. It's one of those movies where you can pause at any frame and it will look like a painting, not to mention the animation itself is super fluid.


One of my favorites of all time...

рома Е

yeah top 1

The True SirReal

Crying freeman

Breezy's Buttery Bun

I think I only watched it twice, but I still think back on the scenes that tend to haunt me. I don't know why that I haven't watched it again, it might be good to catch up on!

Seba Lopez

For me Vampire Hunter D is a peak on animation history, it had still a lot of manual artwork behind the animation, but with some technics that made the animation more fluid; while current CGI/computer based animations lack that artistic impront

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Jacob Johnson

I remember watching Seoul Station after watching Train to Busan, I wanted to see more of the world that TtB established and how the handled the outbreak the first time it occured. That twist ending came out of nowhere, I was too engage in the way they tell the story of the characters and it caught me off guard. Watch the train to busan if you haven't, they are great films in my opinion.

jose jorge granados

please watch the fake and the king of pigs of the same director great animated films


@Sly na Shawn of the dead lol


Love that mo oe and the 2nd one to absolutely 💯 best zombie movies ever

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