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things haven't changed
the Traveling Misanthrope Circus of Lunacy Lyrics

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2:06 What is your typical day/schedule like?
14:44 Is your day now more chaotic that during the first year of the show?
16:46 Have you gained any skills you didn't have before from doing this show?
18:44 How much of what we see you do on this show is you, in comparison to the character on your old show?
21:46 Why did audiences start gravitating towards you after eletion night?
29:13 Was there a part of you that said "I don't want to do the election night show"?
31:05 What do you think your show would look like if Hillary Clinton had won?
32:08 Given how polarised our country is right now, do you think you're contributing to that in any way?
34:05 When talking about difficult subjects, how often do you want to break character and just talk to the audience about it instead of joking?
35:52 What were instances in which you wanted to speak from the heart and not make jokes?
37:56 What is you level of Trump fatigue?
39:09 How do you think this Administration will change our eletions/politics?
40:54 What was your reaction to the Les Moonves sexual misconduct allegiations?
44:56 How did you having Sean Spicer with you on your Emmys monologue come about?
51:16 Late Night Comedy is a white/male dominated field, what efforts have you made with your show to change that?
53:16 Would you trade your success to be rid of the current president?
53:43 How do you think will the current Administration affect the Late Night coverage of future presidents?
54:28 What happens when you have to take a sick day?
56:04 What's the most awkward smalltalk you have made with guests during commercial break?
57:08 Who haven't you interviewed yet that you'd like to?
58:04 Do you visit guests before they come on the show?
59:04 During your interview with Joe Biden, did you realise this was a moment that would resonate with viewers?
1:01:41 When interviewing Bill Clinton about Monica Lewinsky, did you feel you had to be comedic and make him feel at ease since it's a comic show, or did you want to give him a grilling?
1:04:24 Do you worry what will happen to your show once Trump leaves office?

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Stephen can be goofy and silly on the show....but especially in a context like this interview, you really get a sense for just how ferociously intelligent and serious he is as a human being. He's done his homework on a lot of subjects. There's something a wee bit intimidating about his intellect....and I love it. I adore people who are in the top 1% in terms of intelligence....and I think it's clear Stephen is in that echelon. Much respect...

Randall Davis

@808 Dream Absolutely.Most people don't understand.

First Name Last Name

The comment was not indicating that Stephen was the most intelligent person on earth and your condescending attitude is absolutely why people like Stephen are unique because he would never talk down to others, his ego is not overblown and he does not have a sense of superiority.


@J Whipple your hubris is wafting. Please, stand downwind.

ina salni

it's a weird time we live in when Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Philip Defranco, Tim Pool etc. deliver more relevant, exact and researched news topics than the actual news. Sad but through the tears of laughter.
sadly the intelligence and common sense is not that common 1%, while the rest of 99 just want to be right, no matter how dumb, as long as ''right''.

Mr. P

I see him as the opposite.

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Stephen is both a brilliant interviewee and an interviewer. Such well thought out as well as thought provoking answers.


Agree. credit to the excellent NYT interviewer Sopan Deb too.:) 👍

Ellen Thompsonqa awaa

This is an excellent record of who this delightful man is in actuality. His intelligence and humor keeps us informed every day in these horrific times.

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