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Fine day
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We have lyrics for 'Fine day' by these artists:

Dallas Superstars If I had a perfect day I would have it start…
FLU One fine day I thought I heard my friends outside calling…
Hawkshaw Kirsty Tonight... Fine night tonight Fine night tonight It's go…
Jawbreaker If I believed everything that you said, Then I'd never go…
KEANU SILVA It's a fine day People open windows They leave their houses …
Kirsty Hawkshaw tonight.. fine night tonight fine night tonight it's…
Opus III Tonight Fine night tonight Fine night tonight It's going…
Propagandhi Fine day in river heights, fine day for your skateboards…
Robin Trower Trower-Dewar It's a fine day, There's nothing moving in…
Stefan Gunnarsson Started to think I didn't care About who would notice I'm…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


I feel like all of these Rp games nowadays boil down to.

Tommy: Wants to do fun roleplay concept
Sweaty Communist or Fascist faction that rushed down all their neighbors under thinly veiled excuses for map painting: How about no?

Worst part is half the time it ends up like this episode where they focus Tommy so hard they get curbstomped when anyone else comes in. Ive played with a lot of these players too, they end up always using shitty excuses when they eventually lose to a coalition against them like "Germany is impossible to win as, thats why I have to try so hard". Like no buddy, it's hard to win as because your only definition of winning is to go historical and kill everyone, which everyone else knows your doing too, so they fight you once they can.

I like HoI4 RP but some of the ways people play is so dang boring :/

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But something else is coming bois. It might be time to go a little bit...competitive ;)

Monke Group

Karjala takas lmao

Skylar McCrary

TommyKay you do know that the Turan Federation is a Turkish nation

President John Henry Eden

Hey markoni

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Roman Laws

A German guy playing as Turkic russia recording it for a Serbian guy to edit so me an american guy can watch

Unehrentomate Love Xbow

Just so it ends all ends back to me a german guy


And for me,a spanish Guy to answer to this comment


And me a brazilian guy to read this comment from a american guy that commented in a video recorded by a german guy that also was edited by a serbian guy

Cheng Zhou

I’m the American guy

Legend Phil

Mr Worldwide

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