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Far and Wide
wildes Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Far and Wide' by these artists:

Gil Joe Hey hey hey hey hey hey Nkay and Gil Joe…
Gil Joe Nkay Hey hey hey hey hey hey Nkay and Gil Joe…
Mal Madrigal A distant planet in the sky. A speck of light held…
Sleeper Agent As a girl I kissed them My heart a telephone Such noise…
Solea Been sifting thru this box of thoughts i found Caught…

We have lyrics for these tracks by wildes:

Bare Throw me down I'll steal the moon I'll tear the night Keep i…
Circles If I weigh in you′ll give me a reason to…
Don't Think Twice It's All Right Well, it ain′t no use to sit and wonder why,…
Ghost In the night I lay awake A shadow danced across my…
Illuminate Tell me What I'm waiting for, I've waited so long (so…
Let You Go I kinda like those Little things you say When you're…
Stay I'm touching your face and I Can't get very far You travel…
True Love Take me out for a night Or we can wait and…
WILDES Forever Wilde Lyrics Verse 1 He calls my name like a wolf h…

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Comments from YouTube:


incrível, parabéns. continue sempre dando seu melhor, um abraço de uma brasileiro.

Jacob Kapitan

You've done it again 🤩
Love this!!!!
I can now add far and wide comfortably with bare and illuminate in with my favourite go to songs that i play way to much
The things id do to see you live in Australia 😍


one day jacob, one day!

Stephen Spears

This is probably one of my favorites that you've ever done, and that's saying something considering some of the powerful songs you've made!


😭😭 so nice of you

France Mangqutywa

Majestic sounds of Wildes❤ truly love your music 🇿🇦

Daniel Cristóbal

I loved the rhythm, the lyrics thank you girl, you always give us great songs <3

Caboose Enlighted

So much love and wonderful uplifting - thank you for sharing those private moments 🤗

Michelle Bradley

Absolutely love this song. Only just discovered you should look forward to hearing more of what he release. I discovered through one of your friends sharing about your gig on Facebook.


Não sei comi mas o YouTube recomendou esse vídeo pro Brasil mas amei <3

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