Music for your website

Adding music to your website is easy with SonicHits:

Popout Link

Use the following HTML to create a popout link on your Website or Blog:

<a href=" '', 'popup', 'height=700, width=375, left=0, top=0, menubar=no, status=no, titlebar=no, toolbar=yes, scrollbars=yes, resizable=yes' );">Listen to Music</a>

Embedded as Side Bar

You can embed SonicHits as a side bar using an iframe or frame:

<frameset cols="*,375">
    <frame src="" frameborder="0">
    <frame src="" frameborder="0">

Facebook Page Tab

You can also add SonicHits as a tab to a Facebook page that you administer. This will allow your visitors to listen to music on your page without leaving Facebook. See example here

The icon and text under the tab are configurable once added (click the down arrow button next to the tabs on your Facebook page, then the little pen icon to the top right of the tab, and then "Edit Settings").