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Nobody's You
Sam Grow Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Nobody's You' by these artists:

Debbie Gibson Please don't Go away don't Leave me to face the crowds alo…
Deborah Gibson Please don't Go away don't Leave me to face the crowds alo…
Matt Wertz Her hand fits mine Yeah we look just right All the people…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sam Grow:

Is It You I need a girl with an accent. A little southern drawl.…
Song About You I've heard songs about red dirt 40 hour hard work dive…
The Blame That sad there in her eyes, that didn't get much…
Whoa ... you outta see them pretty lips take a drag never wanna b…

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Comments from YouTube:

M Bowen

Love this song and video! Sam Grow knocks it out of the park with this hit!

Sam Grow

M Bowen thank you :)

Alex Wheelz

Your music will be all over the radio and charts in no time if you keep putting stuff like this. Keep up the great work

Sam Grow

Alex Wheelz I’m praying so!

Mandy Cole

🎶NoooBody Can Sing Like You Doooo🎶
#SamGrowCanSang ☆🔥🔥☆🔥☆

James Robertson

Continuing to make So Md proud!!!

Sam Grow

James Robertson thank you! I’m hoping so!

Mary Alice Griffith

Can it get any better? I don’t think so!
Congratulations! It’s beautiful!

Travis Dean

Brother you're proof positive trashville wouldn't know great if it was slammed in their damn face! Had my little run and found out quick, they don't care how amazing of a writer you are or much less a vocalist. Its all all about the dead presidents they can raise from the grave on your back before you realize you were too damn good for them when you learned how to say mama real good. I'll be praying for your success brother cuz God knows your talent more than deserves it. Keep it country Bro!

Sam Grow

Travis Dean man thank you so much for the kind words brother. I write songs and sing them for people like you not for Nashville.. as long as I can play shows, write, and sing songs you relate to... I’m the richest man in the world.

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