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Tone's Diner
Tony Nova Lyrics

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51 years later and I'm still pissed off that it was cancelled.

Mary McGarvey

No, it’s when they cancelled Hogan’s Heroes. Now it’s popular around the world in reruns, including in Germany. They changed some of the dialogue and added an imaginary lover for Klinl, calling her Kalinka, a cleaning lady one never sees.

Mickey F

It was canceled?

Racer X

@Annie Mack Totally agree.

Annie Mack

@Racer X Brilliant he was...very exhilarating to watch him-. So many yrs later... shockingly? Good!!! Gooo Belushi. RIP..

Racer X

@Philip Defibaugh Thanks for this. You're awesome man. 😊👍

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Joe Crescenzi - Learning YouTube Audio / Video

This was really the first time anyone did a parody of Star Trek, where they distilled all the subtle things that everyone associates with the show. The personalties, mannerisms, cliches... all spot on.

Global Warmhugs

@a phillips Phil Hartman nailed it.

Joe Crescenzi - Learning YouTube Audio / Video

@a phillips The interesting thing about impressions and parody is how easy it become AFTER somebody figures out how to capture the essence. After that, everyone is doing their impression of the person who did the first impression. This was the blueprint for every impression of the entire cast and the show itself.

a phillips

Yes, amazing that nobody thought to make fun of William Shatner before.

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