O Sole Mio
[unknown] Lyrics

Che bella cosa na jurnata 'e sole,
n'aria serena doppo na tempesta!
Pe' ll'aria fresca pare gia' na festa...
Che bella cosa na jurnata 'e sole.

Ma n'atu sole
cchiu' bello, oi ne'.
'o sole mio
sta 'nfronte a te!
‘o sole, ‘o sole mio
sta 'nfronte a te!
sta 'nfronte a te!

Lùcene 'e llastre d'a fenesta toia;
'na lavannara canta e se ne vanta
e pe' tramente torce, spanne e canta
lùcene 'e llastre d'a fenesta toia.

Ma n'atu sole
cchiu' bello, oi ne'.
'o sole mio
sta 'nfronte a te!
‘o sole, ‘o sole mio
sta 'nfronte a te!
sta 'nfronte a te!

Quanno fa notte e 'o sole
se ne scenne,
me vene quase 'na malincunia;
sotto 'a fenesta toia restarria
quanno fa notte e 'o sole
se ne scenne.

Ma n'atu sole
cchiu' bello, oi ne'.
'o sole mio
sta 'nfronte a te!
‘o sole, ‘o sole mio
sta 'nfronte a te!
sta 'nfronte a te!

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How is it possible for a human to sing like this?

m i d n i g h t


César González

Simple, tocado por Dios.

Phil Oliver

The words don't matter, it's the beautiful song that brings tears .

Juan Martin Piñeyro

It’s simple: TALENT


I wonder too 😂

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isabella victoria

My Nonno migrated to Australia in the 1960s. He was from a small town near Messina in Sicily and worked so hard over here to provide for his three children and his wife. Last night, after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease, he passed away. This was his favourite song and even when he was sick, we would play it for him and it would make him cry. He was a good man who worked so hard and he didn't deserve to die in such a horrible way. He loved us grandchildren and taught us everything; he taught us how to grow vegetables, make red wine and sauce using fresh pomodori from the garden. I miss the Nonno I grew up with, it hurt me so much to see him so sick in his final hours. Even though he didn't recognise us before he died, I like to think his spirit has returned to Sicily with his family - he was the last son to die of eleven children. I love you so much Nonno and I will think about you every day.

Sandra Carli

I'm sorry for your loss. My father came from a village near Messina as well. He passed away last December. He loved the Opera. I miss him every day. I do believe that we leave our body in this world but our soul is free and we all meet after death.

Anastasiia P

My mother in law has the same disease. But she is trying to sing it every day.

R. Pronovost

I signed in with a better account but it made me use this one. I signed in expressly to respond to your comment above. Frankly, that is the most beautiful thing I have ever read in comments and such in here. Thank you for sharing that beautiful story of a very good man - your "Nonno" - may be rest in perfect peace for Eternity. I have a dear friend who has maternal lineage like yours - 3 generations back from "the old country" of Sicily. The devotion to family and the unwavering love that it is always given is one of the most beautiful things one can ever experience.

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