What It's Like
9.3 Lyrics

you know i had a few
gurl are thought would to
the where there just to plese me ooo
you know i had my share
true player i did it again
i only whanted to do things my way baby
ooohh i got to get a chance with this
ohhh first i feel so i can get with this
ooohhh i can't belive she is as hot as this
cuz i wonder if i guy would miss
what would it be like if i was with you gurl
what would it feel like if we there tonigh and kisst in the tank
and what would it be like if you was in the world if you was my
babe gurl
that someone lady what would it be like
i never felt like this
honys got me gonna tript cuz
i'm fellin like i need someone to be with you
she rides them pretty eyes
she wheres them skirt so ride
she spoted up tonight she making me so hot
here come take a ride babe and maybe tonight will be the night
the night where you and i(you will never find out)will be
what would it be like if i had you by my side yeah yeah
what would it be like if i had somtime with you tonight
what would it be like can it be right
i would like to know ohh ooo
what would it be like if i had you be my side ohhh yeah
what would it be like if i had somtime with you tonight...

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Comments from YouTube:

Survival Russia

Here in Russia we have the SVD-K, chambered in 9.3x64. It's a beast.

Anthony Ranieri

I have a bolt in that cartridge. I was hitting at 400 yards. super powerful


@spektr540hemi YES. The best 9,3.


Was about to say the 9.3x64 Brenneke was forgotten but glad it's here. Read it's also supposed to be competing against the .338 Lapua for long range use as well, but like Oleg says, there isn't enough data to see if it's any effective.

kris guntner

@Survival Russia Oh I didn't know that!
That's great to hear I look forward to those videos,thanks for the response.

Survival Russia

@kris guntner I can actually buy a rifled SVD if I wanted by now and I think the Lancaster SVD is more expensive than the 7.62. I have bought a Lancaster firearm, just because it is interesting and I will do some video nit when it gets warmer.

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captain kirk

Perfect round for the notorious Sasquatch 😜

Joshua Gibson

These are the kinds of videos I really like you making Eric.

Joshua Gibson

@HOBbz nah. Just an outlaw.


@Joshua Gibson are you a narc?

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