Aphrodite's Child Lyrics

Exelthe ofi katiramene,
Dhioti an dhen exelthe essy,
Tha se exelthe ego!

Ou! Ou! Ou!

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Comments from YouTube:

Jim Hawkins

......... and what the hell was that all about........


A funny phrase taken from the traditional Greek shadow theatre of Karagiozis, who is the main character of such plays. Here the ''accursed snake'' (ofis) is called to come out of its cave : << come out you accursed snake, for if you do not come out, I will "come you'' out>> in very formal but faulty language. Just a joke I think, that has nothing really to do with the concept here, counting out that the devil is depicted as ''ofis'' in the bible - chapter of Genesis.


@ΤΟ 1000 ΤΟ ΑΘΑΝΑΤΟ Haha,Yesssssssssssssssssssss.One of the best Parts of the Album...


hahahah it actually says
Come out you God damned snake,
Because if you do not come out,
I will bring you out myself...

hahahaha it's some kind of... I dont know, a skit? But it's funny...