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by BAKER Patrick

I never thought that I'd fall so fast
the way I fell for you
but can a fire that burns this brightly last
or will we be consumed?

cause everytime that I am near you, lady
every inhibition falls away
let your eyes do the talking, baby
there are no words left to say

I am losing all control
this burning in my soul
and I could never stop
cuz your love has taken hold

I am losing all control
and slowly letting go
surrender to your touch
and let this love unfold

every minute anticipating
when it's the time no hesitating
(losing all control
your love is taking hold)

so divine
this love is secret
this stuff cannot be recreated
(losing all control
let this love unfold)

I tell myself not to get too close
I don't know how this ends
and what I deny is what I want the most
so I just sink further in

Cuz I am caught up in these waves of emotion
and carried further by the undertow
and it all comes crashing down around me
it just will not let me go

feeling waves of emotion as I'm letting go
girl, with you I'm losing all control
you fuel the fire that is in my soul
I can see that your love has taken hold

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