Ben l'Oncle Soul Lyrics

I remember when, when I lost my mind
Something so about that place.
Had an echo
In so much space

You're out there
Without care,
I was out of touch
Really think I didn't know enough
I just knew too much

Well, does that make me crazy? (Crazy)
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?

Well well

Hope that you are having the time of your life
But think twice, that's my only advice

Ouh well well

Come on now, who do you, who do you think you are,
Ha ha ha bless your soul
Really think you're in control

Well, I think you're crazy (Ha ha)
Well, I think you're crazy
Well, I think you're crazy
Just like me (x2)

My heroes had the heart to lose their lives out on a limb
And all I remember is thinking, I want to be like them
Ever since I was little, it looked like fun
And it's no coincidence I've come
I can die when I'm done

Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe you're crazy
Maybe we're crazy
Probably (x2)

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Comments from YouTube:

lefan andre

Très bon,merci pour l'écoute

Maria Da Silva

😂😂😂 soul wash

human kind

i regret i set this song awake alarm.


이병진 why lol

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