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You Don't Have To Worry
by Bobby Brown

Turn me up yo
That's right
New Edition
(You don't have to worry)

I know that things ain't right
Seems like all we do is fight
And it's been on my mind
You don't have to worry
I'm gonna make it right
I'll be on your side
No more lonely nights
You don't have to worry

[Verse 1]
Lady, I know I've been acting strange
It seems to me you're tired of playing games
I've been around
Had girls here and there
I did you wrong, but I'll give my life to make it right


[Verse 2]
What must I do to make it up to you?
What can I say, to make you see things my way?
I know it's hard for you to understand
I did you wrong but I'll give my life to make it right


Don't be afraid
I'll be there whenever you need me
I'll be there trust in me
Just call on me
I won't let you down oh

[Mike & Ron]
NE expertise please
Here to put the squeeze on the industry fleas
Getting cheese, peep these, butter slurs, his & hers
Chinchilla furs, check the goodfella words
You don't ever have to worry
Cause I get in ya like Murry
And boo, it's only a tight flurry
You're frontin' cattin', you want to rumble in the satin
In a bad ass suite somewhere in lower Manhatten

I'm from the street too but I gotta eat to
Won't hesitate to eat you, other than that gald to meet you
I spend nights in the ramada my honey's stay laced in Escada
Chickens is mad that I got her
Casino style gambiono types smile, kiss you before I twist you
All the wax is official
Players' on the set gettin' wet sippin' Perrier Jouet
So you don't even have to worry, yet

[Chorus: x2]

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