Life's A Bitch
Classified Lyrics

Chorus [x4]:
(Life is a bitch) It's a bitch, girl
But it's gone too far cause you know it don't matter anyway

(And then you die)
Now people come from the left and the right
And they try to get up on me
Don't do so, so why they (?) to me wrong G?
You try to fool me but then you catch the backhand
Then you jump my friends so now it's on again yeah
Recognize ain't a damn thing changed
Cause I'll still be the rhymesayer, still be the mind player
I'm playin' with your mind I'm playin' with your thoughts
But now it's back to business so check out what I brought
I'm bringin' tears to emcee's eyes
When they see me rise
People think I'm pleasin', but really gettin' even
Revenge is what I come back to prove
Come back to get,
Come back to move,
Come back to wreck
Check me out, check the mic out
Or put it back on the block till I say its time to rock
The clock strikes four, so I guess you want some more
The clock strikes five, so now it's time to classify
Classify you on the down-low, on the down road
Now you leave the stage cause you lost all your flow
You embarrass, garish like parish
Don't start hidin', raise your head and start flyin'
Start ridin' on the funk track that we produced
Now it's time to hang loose
Life's a bitch

[Chorus x4]

(And then you die)
Do you like what you get?
Do you like what you see?
Do you like who I am?
And do you like who I be?
People comin' far and wide just to see Classified
But then I woke up, I wouldn't try to let the passion by
I ain't a liar but I'm learnin' to be higher
Life in a wreck here's a nickel on my bet
My luck's strippin' so I start to sink into the gutter
I'm down low and I need help from another
Your brother's on ya but this ain't nothin' new
Cause deep down inside you know he's just tryin' to get to you
You do what you do,
I'll do what I did
Cause I'm leavin' face prints, and every single kid numb
Dissin' my style, it ain't me
But when I take my leap
I'm strikin' suckers in they sleep
You wake up, you see the marks Classified left
Life is a bitch and I'll sing it to my last breath
Here's my last one before I take my ride
1995, don't forget Classified
It's a bitch

[Chorus x4]

And then you die

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Comments from YouTube:

Tómas Bachmann

man i remember listening to this back in the days, Brings back memories.

Juggalette Cailey

i love this song... since the first time i heard it!


The hall and oates at the beginning was a dope touch. Props for diverse musical taste.

Kean Ermitaño

I need an instrumental of this song.

Aaron Claude

thanks for adding, class is the man and i love this song


class is dope hes up ther with the best in my opinion

Andrew Nicholls

Classified is the fucking man!!! Nuf said


@IXBONEHEADXI i'm definitely on the classified side of the debate but i would never say nas sucks compared to class. they have completely different and incomparable styles and Nas is a LEGEND of hip hop. classified should be up there with him someday though

Katie Abbott

I want lyrics for this songgg


Wow, haven't heard his old stuff, voice sounds way different.

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