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Crafting the Conspiracy feat. Ben Duerr Lyrics

Listen closely, for theres a story to tell
Of a man that once stepped foot into this world we called hell
No sign of life was found
Underneath this burial ground
Only piles and piles of all your cremated loved ones
There is nothing for them to look back on
All their hopes and dreams have been stepped on
He will find the missing void to this man made disaster
This is the tale about a man who saved that world after...
As he makes his way through, with the power of youth
This man will not stand for what has become the crooked truth
Desecrated and erased
Extinct is the human race
All have been slaughtered and now the worlds without a face

There is hope within despair
I shall take this opportunity to take you all there
May the ones who caused this tragedy be known as the disgraced
For I will put them in their place

Rumors foretold of this mysterious prophetic vision
A unity in reality that you would call fiction
For many centuries, has this been written in time and space
About a sacred deed that can save this place
The objective is at hand
To restore this burden land
An abundant fall from grace
To the fallen demon race
A pitiful evil task
By a man who wears a mask
The dark ones masquerade
Is now his death parade
Lucidity at its finest
Within their vulgar mindset
To only be forgotten
Just to bring out the begotten
Now you will see just what lies beyond the truth
Of an origin of power that even goes beyond the power of youth
This fragile minded race never did fully understand
That the world was nothing, but an imperfect plan

Oh how your eyes are sown shut!
It's time to take action and open them back up
Can you feel the warming hearts that cry out for help?
They've all been abandoned and rendered to dust!

My scars tell a story...
They are reminders of when life tried to break me, but failed
A king knows how to build his own empire
With the same stones that were thrown at him!
This can't be the way it ends
I will rebuild and reclaim what's rightfully mine
A true blessing in disguise because...

Writer(s): Josh Miranda

Contributed by Ian B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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James Daniels

This is my favorite type of deathcore to be honest. When you throw melodic shit in with the core it just does it for me.

Desolation Incarnate

@The Cross- Eyes Shores of Elysium, Drop the Silence, Until We Die, A Breath Before Surfacing, Kraign, The Exiled Martyr, Throne of the Beheaded, and Desolate Blight should have you covered.

Siri play dopethrone

@The Cross- Eyes depths of hatred!!


Yup. Analepsy is sick, too.

Remmy 315

@The Cross- Eyes listen to Until We Die...guarantee you will love it. He's a one man band too...he does everything by himself, guitars, drums, vocals...all of it. The man is a genius.

Remmy 315

Completely agree. Until We Die is the epitome of what I look for in deathcore these day's, and now Crafting The Conspiracy is up there as well.

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Juanjo Santacruz

Those vocals are on point 😍

Jack Harrington

To me, this sounds like Lamb of God went deathcore...and I like it

Mark Blaauw

Sounds like old Sylosis also.

Jeremy Nothing

That's exactly what i hear.

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