I Saw the Lord
Dallas Holm Lyrics

The place was white as snow
and pure as finest gold.
It had the look of new,
yet had the look of old.
I felt like I was home,
but felt so far away,
In fear I thought to leave,
but felt the urge to stay.

And then a silence fell
like none I'd ever known.
I stood among the millions,
I stood there all alone.
His face was like the sun,
His eyes were like the sea,
His voice was like the thunder
rolling through eternity.

I saw the Lord
He was high and lifted up
and rightfully adored

I saw the Lord
and He saw me

And then from sleep awakened
I looked into the night.
The darkness overtaken
By a bright and shining light.
I couldn't understand it
I couldn't reason how,
And then my eyes beheld Him
I wasn't dreaming now

I saw the Lord
He was high and lifted up
And rightfully adored,

I saw the Lord
And He saw me.

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Comments from YouTube:

Flonnie Young

Dallas  Holm was very prevalent to my birth in Christ many years ago!! I will never stop listening!!


Have never heard him in person but this song is one of my favorites!!! I agree this is my kind of worship music!!! I was born again March 1977 so I'm from the old school and grateful for it!!!1

Manuei Tarin

This song fills my heart in a way I can't express correctly with words.Jesus,thank you for love me always,in my worst and my best days,thank you God!

George Tunstill

Thank God He saw me, a wretched sinner not fit to be saved by His grace but He did. Dallas Holm is anointed singer. So glad to know he's still singing for the Lord.

Linda Mulhern

You never want to leave the place this song takes you. God bless.


My cousins and I sang this at my Grandmothers funeral.....such a wonderful and moving song

Chava Ayanna

This song was released when I was only 10yrs old. I'm 39 now. and it literally feels like yesterday


Just beautiful!  I miss hearing this song!  Thank you for sharing it with us.  It's bringing tears to my eyes.

Amy L Hicks

I was honored to meet Dallas Holm when he came to the church where my dad was the pastor what a blessing

ron perry

i sang this song back in the 80"s at church.i remember while learning it the emotional times i had.it was like the lord was there.such a wonderful time.

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