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I'm Sorry
by Dwele

Within a dream, I try to catch myself, and awaken myself
Before I dream of something else,
(And have the greatest song ever wrote) (ooh)
And with a hazy eye, I build myself upright,
Grab for my pen and screw, to bear my soul and I hope,
The hand can translate my flow, (hmm)
For overzealous pen it seems,
It has a dream of being,
The ink of man's soul,
The greatest pen this hand will ever hold,
Sometimes in the journey though, the mind to pen seems so cold,
The translation is hard to hold, and we ain't even got to the studio,
And now she waits to distract my motivated stroll,
Come back to bed, is the song she sings,
She hates when I wake her from her lucid dream,
But she don't know what this song could mean,
(Oh I) Why can't it wait,
Wait til the sun's a little bit higher,
She still burns from last nights fire,
And she wants me to douse the flame,
But wait, If I did the song wouldn't be the same
I'm sorry

Do do do do do do do do


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