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I'm Sorry
by Everette Harp

if i could have tried
just a little harder.
if i could have shown you
what's in my heart.
i hurt you so.
i want you to know
i'm sorry.

if only i had heard
what you were trying to tell me.
if you would have listened
to the silent tears you cried.
for all the pain
i know i'm to blame.
i'm sorry. oooh.

time after time
your hand reached form mine,
and i wasn't there
for you.

oh. you deserved
so much more.
should have seen it before,
but i was a fool.

if i could have know
that you would be leaving.
i would have done anything at all
to make you stay.
is too late?
why did i wait to say
i'm sorry?

i should have told you long ago darlin'

if i knew the words,
darling i would tell yuo,
a thousand time,
a thousand time day,
i love you still,
and i always will.
i'm sorry, oooh,

come on back,
back to me.
i need you to see
i'm sorry.

(lirycs by joe62)

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