Primal Fear
Graveltrap Lyrics

Why cant people accept reality?
Is it cause of primal fear?
Of acceptance in normality
Acting out that role again

With your mind you can trap reality
Deep amongst your dark secrets
Scared of finding originality
Even though its why we're here
Strange how all you want to be
Victims of authority

I don't want to live a lie again, oh no
Even if it means we cant be friends, wh-oa
Someday I will find the righteous way, even if its not today,
I know that I'll be ok, cause I am what I portray,
Living life from the heart, don't be scared to play your part,
Cause you gotta be who you are

Why is the world so fucking ignorant,
And complacent to fall in line?
Who do you think controls normality?
Have you never questioned why?

Are you happy with the way you're living?
Never thought to 'rock the boat'?
We all want security and homes to live in,
But then all you can do is vote.

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Comments from YouTube:

Oslam Phoenix

One of the best albums I've discovered last year, and it's no longer available on Spotify
I'm officialy at war with the world


@Seth Payseur same here no idea why its not there, only some songs are.

Seth Payseur

Ya any insight as to why it was removed? I've tried to research it. It's one of the best albums. lol


Buy it.

Paul Martin

it's not on You Tube Music either :(

Fabien L'amour

Always been in my top 5 bands. Pure Metal.

Rccarlover Luxembourg

@Anja Evers discovered Primal Fear and Testament while Covid

Anja Evers

Yes, Fabien, Primal fear are one of my favorite Power Metal 🤘 Bands, too. 👍 They are really mega great! Pur Metal 🤘 🎸 🎸!

Al De La Cruz

This album is one of the best in all Heavy Metal history! Top 10 easy! Love PF for life!!!!

Our Lady of Guadalupe Botanical Garden Project

This band would make my personal top 10 list. I'm glad Judas Priest turned down this guy - that allowed us to have a whole bunch of new music.

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