2 Cents
IDK Shy Glizzy Lyrics

Niggas be talkin' 'bout nets
But they on the sideline lookin' stressed
I'm on the front line with the TEC
I'm shootin' my shot, I'm hittin' they neck
Just give me respect, I'll give you respect
Bitch, I'm an animal, you ain't a vet
Shit, I got paper, boy, for you baby boys
Fuck around, I'ma take your Yvette
I take off my shirt, she take off the stress
I take off like Migo, the whip is offset
I sit at the top of the city I rep
My city ain't count, I be countin' the checks
Jean Royere the chairs, that is the flex
You gotta Google that just to connect
I bought a crib, you bought a Patek
I guess that's the message you tryna project
Finessin', I'm guessin' I'm comin' correct
I'm like, "How are we beefin' if we never met?"
You like, "I ain't the one," I'm like, "Please come again"
Bitch, I rap off the top, I said peace to my pen
Rest in peace to my niggas I can't see again
Yeah, I know I'm gon' see you, this shit ain't the end
Either you are an enemy or you a friend
It's no in between 'cause that is pretend

I got my own two cents, if you know what I mean
I got my own two cents, if you know what I mean
I take the check over the trip, if you know what I mean
I pick the mortgage over rent (Yeah), if you know what I mean

GG the team, DC the king (GG)
I got the AR, it came with the beam (uh)
Servin' up fiends, I don't pull no schemes
They hear when I'm comin', that shit say, "Cha-ching" (cha-ching)
My neck so frozen, that shit say, "Bling-bling" (bling-bling)
I ain't even put no damn ice in my lean (uh)
She say, "You're a dope boy, that's just clean"
Uh-oh, I think I'm the man of her dreams (ooh)
Baby, what you waitin' on? Come join the big league (uh)
We could take a trip way down to the deep sea (uh)
And I'm with a bougie bitch, like to eat chickpeas
Sweet and petite, can't stand up to six feet (oh)
She said, "Why your neck wet?" Baby, those VVS (goddamn)
Greg Yuna piece, lil' bitch, it took six weeks (goddamn, goddamn)
Bitch keep naggin', talkin' 'bout she miss me
Told the bitch, "Don't pack," flew her out to Sicily (Woah)
Bitch got to braggin', I had to ditch her
Got even madder when I fucked her sister
I got my bag up, I think I'm that nigga (yep)
I just be swaggin', I'm a fashion killer (oh)
They say, "You a star, why you be with them hitters?" (brrt)
I hop out the car like, "I'm sorry, no pictures" (I'm sorry)
Call all of my dawgs, I grew up to riches (uh)
They told me that I was the runt out the litter (Young Jefe Holmes)

Cute face, nice ass, but she's schemin' on the low
I just cut to the chase, ask her, "Do you want the pole?"
New friends? No way, they be schemin' for the dough (uh-huh, uh, uh, uh)
Ring the bell, I open up, see they face, and close the door (uh-huh, uh, uh, uh)

I got my own two cents, if you know what I mean (uh-huh, uh, uh)
I got my own two cents, if you know what I mean (uh-huh, uh, uh)
I take the check over the trip (Yeah), if you know what I mean
I pick the mortgage over rent, if you know what I mean

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Aubrey Johnson, Jason Mills, Tobias Breuer

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Thanks, i was waiting for 2 Cents to be on the album

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This song is lit "if you know what I mean"

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