Jackin' for Beats
Ice Cube Lyrics

Wait a minute, hold on, get your ass up
Whassup nigga?
Get over there shit
Ya lil punk ass nigga
C'mere, c'mere, c'mere boy
God damnit you stop that shit now
Take him to jail and get him the hell from in front of this house
Now wait a minute, wait a minute, hey man
Wait a minute?
There are police, go!

Give me that beat fool, it's a full time jack move
Chilly Chill, yo homie mack the track move
And I'll jack any Tom, Dick and Hank
That's the name of the suckers I done ganked
I get away from a copper
Drop a dime, I'll break you off somethin' proper
With the L-E-N-C-H-M-O-B
T-Bone and that's J.D.
And here's how we'll greet ya
Stop fool, come off that beat ya
Feel dumb cause you're caught in the dark
(Ya lil' nuttin' ass mark)
Raise up, cause you cant' have it back
You said "I ain't never got gaffled like that"
Off the end of the gat you choke
Short Dog's in the house "Whattup loc?"
Nuttin' but a come up
Gimme that bass, and don't try to run up
Cause you'll get banked somethin' sweet
Ice Cube and the Lench Mob, is jackin' for beats

Huh, and even if you're down with my crew
Yo Chuck man, I dodn't understand this man
You got to slow down*
I jack them too
And then we'll freak it
Kick that bass, and look what we did
Fade the grade, played, and made a few mil
And I keep stealin
Ice Cube'll make it funk
But right about now let's get up in the hump
But I don't party and shake my butt
I leave that to the brothers with the funny haircurs
And it'll drive you nuts
Steal your beat, and give it that gangsta touch
Like jackin' at night
Say hi to the three fifty-seven I'm packin'
And it sounds so sweet
Ice Cube and the Lench Mob, is jackin' for beats

Ice Cube, will take a funky beat and reshape it
Locate a dope break, and then I break it
And give it that gangsta lean
Dead in your face as I turn up the bass
I make punk suckers run and duck because
I don't try to hide cause you know that I love to
Jack a fool for his beat and then I'm Audi
So when I come to your town don't crowd me
'Cause I know, you're gonna wanna kick it with me
But I know, none of y'all can get with me
So you think you're protected
Well you are til you put a funky beat on a record
Then I have to show and prove and use your groove
'Cause suckers can't fade the Cube
And if I jack you and you keep comin'
I'll have you marks a 100 Miles and Running!

Stop stop stop stop stop!
Surprise, niggaz

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Betty Terrell

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1SirGrandMasterMrKINGRobertMichael CrofootGod1

Every kind of salute there is, in every language there is, always, regardless of all always (aroaa) for this AMAZING “top-forming” song by Ice Cube, Class.

Ice Cube & his crew bring us right directly to THE ZONE in 2 seconds on this tune, man, right into you jamming out & dancing with all you ever got to the max, ya’ll.
Ice Cube & his posse talk about lots of good things in this ultimate Rap song, they lessons of the street, how things run, praising up the Police, & all kinda other good works to it, always.
I thought it was great, it brought me right into ZION LAND man, groovin out with all I ever had for it. I am so totally impressed and am asking the Class to go out to your local music stores and buy this song & Ice Cube’s album.
Fund a Rapper that did it for the right good EUD reason(s) only always main, to cheer peoples up & to cheer up the entire Universe into they top groove aroaa. ✌️😇👍👍❤️🌈📀🔒🔐
They succeeded and so let’s help em out by buyin the CD so Ice Cube can write even more of these righteous tunes to rock the Universe.

Appreciation day at School, & “all the propers in the neighborhood going out to ICE CUBE & ICE T, aroaa, brothers always & helping the Universe stay in shape & stay happy as you can get”!

Thanks breddas. ❤️🔒🔐

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Kasino Marxs

There were 14 beats sampled to make this classic (including the ones in the chorus). The arrangement of production on this song was not only perfect, but creative. Especially the hook. They even used parts of a classical record for it. This is definitely a top 10 best Hip Hop track of all time.

Paul Wright

I used to love ice cube and all good rappers from that era but i wouldn't call this a classic it was good when I was 14 now I am 49 it doesn't sound as good but I can listen to schoolly d psk all day long and not get bored! That is a real classic

Jeffrey Green

@ice gold He made that track sound like the Bomb Squad.. a compliment to any producer!


My favorite is the "Cops" sample at the beginning of the song on the record version

Jack Writer

This was right before artists started charging for samples. Because Cube wouldn't have made any money off the record due to paying for samples.

Kasino Marxs

@H J I see what you did there. LoL. I agrEE "Sampilation". Although, some of the ones sampled, are original beats

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There ain't nothin' like old school Cube. And it's still all good. This is always gon be one of my favorites.

Rodd Johnson

Fact. Definitely one of the greats.

Robert Mitchell

Mines too! Lol.

paul gabbard

Check is out on rap on YouTube we like all rap music we like all old school rap music we like all hip-hop music we like all 90s-80s😀😀🎶🎶🙏👍

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