I Don't Want to Hear Anymore
Jerry Butler Lyrics

In my neighborhood
Where folks don't live so good now
The rooms are small
Most the building's made of wood

I hear the neighbors
Talking about you and me
Yes, I've heard most every word
Cause the talking's loud and
The walls are much too thin

She don't really love him
Oh, that's what I heard them say
She sure wasn't thinking of him today

I saw her in the front yard now
Say, that girl in room 149
Talking to a boy, well
I've never seen him before
And standing there together
Don't you know they looked so fine

I don't wanna hear it anymore
I don't wanna hear it anymore
But the talk just never ends
The heartache soon begins
The talk is so loud and
The walls are much too thin

Lord, ain't it sad
Said the woman cross the hall
That when a nice boy falls in love
Hey, it's just too bad
That he just had to fall
For a girl who doesn't
Care for him at all

Well, I don't wanna hear it anymore
I can't stand to hear anymore
But the talk just never ends
And the heartache soon begins

Oh, they talk so loud and
The walls are much too thin

Whoa, I wish they wouldn't talk so loud
And expose my heartache to all the crowd

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Comments from YouTube:

Mary Denise

I had never heard this man till last week now I am hooked on his lovely voice  he has a mighty fine voice...The best music comes from USA,..

george george

A true soulful, beautiful baritone voice.

Mark Bruggeman

he has the best voice of all time. Along with David Ruffin

Mary Denise

I have just ordered one of his cds from amazon uk  as I really enjoyed listening to his songs ..David Ruffin Cd are very expensive at Amazon UK  I just hope mine stay in good condition and I don't need to replace them.


Jerry Butler records  Command very high prices in the Uk... Originals of,  For your precious love,sell for as much as 2300 dollars.  The Impressions are also in demand , and very expensive also.


Before the general public knew his name, Randy Newman wrote a lot of songs. If this isn't the best, it's got to be one of the best of his early efforts.


brings back such beautiful memories, thank you

richard shepherd

freshman 1966 at southern university baton rouge RIP jerry/curtis

Complete Charleston

"The Wonders" brought me here (from the Billboard Charts in "That Thing You Do" movie)

Richard Leonard

A hundred thumbs up!

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