Sunday Best Medley 2
Le'Andria Johnson Lyrics

Put your hands together
Come on, listen

I don't even know where my life would be
If he hadn't shown, shown me love for me
He gave me joy, he gave me victory
That's why I, I can say

If it had been from the Lord was on my side
I belong to a ship without a guide
Sinking, stand here, lifted me
Golden chain that reminded me, oh

Oh the sunset free, is truly free indeed
Oh and I believe in my, in my liberty, yeah
Lord has struck me free oh and right now
I've, I've got the victory, yeah

I may have lost house, but God got a
Magic four letter, yeah yeah, he gave me
He gave me chore, he gave me peace,
He gave me love, he gave happiness

Lord thank-you for your joy
Set me free

I test that he that the Lord is good
And his mercy endureth forever
Don't give up, your blessing's around the corner, yeah
Just remember he wants you to have everlasting life

Oh I shall leap deep into my destiny
Oh I shall leap yeah deep into my destiny
Oh I shall leap (i shall leap deep into my destiny)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I will get everything God has for me
I shall (i shall leap deep into my destiny)
Lord no matter what I've been through
I shall leap (i shall leap deep into my destiny)

Hey is there anybody out there who feel the same way too?
I shall leap (i shall leap deep into my destiny)
Yeah I shall leap

Written by: MYRON BUTLER (21643)

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Comments from YouTube:

Latasha Richards

Here goes ppl with their religious spirits looking at the outside instead of the soul. Putting the woman of God in hell for showing her shoulder. I have not read no where in the bible where somebody went to hell for their clothes. Smh

Justin Avert

I might have lost but God has a mansion waiting for me

obsessed with jjba

Get that mansion yet?

LaQuashia White

I shall leap into my Destiny😍


haha! I've heard of SOAP opera's, yes.. but SOUP opera's.. I have no clue what that is. How about enlightening me.

LA Jones

Love it....BEAUTIFUL

New wine & New creature


Da Realshorty

What m I kidding I love both

New wine & New creature

I have an image consultant too. Which one to you thing I'm talking about?

Matthew A Francis

What's the name and original singer of the second song tho? Really liked it :D

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