Maniac Butcher Lyrics

History of mankind
History of questionmarks
The longnig for discovery of the origin
And the meaning of existence of life

Searching for the answers
Lack of knowledge
Incapability of explaining
The invention of force majeure
The discovery
Of the false meaning of life
In the worshipping
Of fictious creator

Temporary submite
For mind equilibrium
Negated by the development
Of human knowledge

Disclosure of false dogmas
Revision of main ideas
The transformation to "morderner" church
The perturbance of Shepherd's lambs

Progress - work of the inteligent elite
With absence of the ordinary individual
Ignorance of principle - estrangement
The second chance for self-appointed messiahs

Misgiving of impotent heads
Menace of their mental slavery
Escape from the uncomprehended world
To the arms of the vampire church

The laziness to work -
Necessary condition for the progress of society
The laziness to think -
Primary case of the stagnation of the individual

The ignorance of the meaning
And the origin of life
The easiest solution
The creation of creation

The almighty God - the creator
His son - Jesus Christ
Masters of mankind
Created by man

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