Marley Marl Feat. Percy & Tragedy, the rebel: We need your help!

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the rebel
by Marley Marl Feat. Percy & Tragedy

(Feels good)

[ VERSE 1 ]
I'm here to bust your shit
The mastermind of manuscripts
The force of extremity
My rhymes are the remedy
You can't deal with the T-are-a-g
Rap ??? flowin like the Pegasus
Rhymin is as easily as the obvious
I bust your head pulsating rotating
This jam is generating with the motion I'm creating
I'm the boy wonder, Tragic super duper
Raised in the Bridge, cause I'm a Queensbridge trooper
The rebel of the treble, the ebony prince
'88 is on the way, I make a big difference
I make it visual and intellectually clear
(Tragedy) the Rebel is here

[ VERSE 2 ]
Because I master great kicks turnin flesh to dust
And knockin all boots is a definite must
Cause I'm havoc, Trag, Tragedy tragic
There are many ways to explain my magic
The explanatory category best fits me
Cause my lyrics are called sweet poetry
And I'm sick of be -boys just hippin and hoppin it
I have you sayin, "Damn boy, shorty be droppin it"
Back in the '60s to know is to know it
And I'm the last remaining of the world's last poets
Talkologist, infinity from when I begin
And to disapprove the Trag is a mortal sin
Diabolical gangster, hoodlum and genius
I write poetry when I find it convenient
Snap a stage in half like a polo bear
(Your Tragedy) the Rebel is here

[ VERSE 3 ]
I drop words you won't find in a dictionary
I write rhymes to improve my vocabulary
Drama, Art, English education
And I'm the man, I design the animation
Mentally and with jock control
The equalizer rises up on your FM mode
And which I use with telepath
And it's (Tragedy) who's on your phonograph
I confuse your conscience, and boggle your brain
You may think that I'm sick, but I'm perfectly sane
I design my rhymes with architectural construction
But that's another story, a different function
You see, it's mandatory to embold fear
(Tragedy) the Rebel is here

[ VERSE 4 ]
The rap automatical, the rhymatical
Forget ill, I get illmatical
Biceps pulsating in my lungs
Queensbridge Projects is where I'm from
Wicked like a witch doin sorcery
With a book and a pen, and my m-i-see
The outstanding ovation when things get drastic
You keep fantasizin while I'm fantastic
Black magic flowin smooth but strong
And I'll have you rockin and shockin...

Swing this episode to the Cormega Posse
My man from Uptown
Joe the Boss down with the Mutant Posse
To my right-hand MC
MC [Name]
To Big Daddy Kane
My man Nut and Cool [Name]
Down with the Supreme Team in Jamaica
Can't forget the 40 Busters
My man Darryl gettin paid on the dime


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