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Mutter Anne-Sophie Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Mutter Anne-Sophie:

Adagio She's bugging me again, run to use the phone Find and…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Wow, I’ve been coming back to this interpretation again and again over the years.
Music can be, to me at least, an expression. It’s a way of making you ƒęęɭ the emotions, the story, the vignette, the play.
Listening to this version, I’m transported in the center of a summer storm. The intensity, the wind, the exhilaration, the thunder, the lightning.
You feel the energy, it’s an actual physical feeling, it courses through the body. The rhythm of it, the surge, the power.
The waves, coming and crashing into the ship.
I find myself holding my breath at the end, just coursing through this like I was on a 🎢 roller coaster.

This is art, true art.
Played masterfully by true artists.
Brava, bravo, bravi!!!

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Rodrigo de Piérola

I like how the cellists look like they're thinking "please, kill me" at some points. Bowing the cello that fast must bee extremely physical and tiring.

Johanna Jung

To play that with the violin is very hard

Shayna Green

as someone who played the cello part at a slower tempo (advanced hs orchestra) it was


No you just dont focus on smiling while playing


Rodrigo de Piérola it must bee faster then the word

Arman Ud Duha

when you hate summer and just want it to end as quick as possible :v

Kerry O'Donovan

I agree, there's a fine line between impressive and annoying, as far as tempo...this is sitting more on the edge of annoying, for me, personally. Also, I've just listened to 15 different versions by players like Perlman, and Joshua Bell, etc, old, new,...and there are sections that I feel like there are points in this movement that no one has EVER actually played in tune. It's usually the points where there are double-stops. I'm not a violinist so I can't rightfully judge - obviously it's a difficult piece - but I just want those parts to f***ing be in tune.

Raja gopal

Anne sophie mutter looks like an old school version of Wonderwoman…….!!!

Haim Maik

Honestly I prefer summer III on higher bpm... but this 1 here wasn't played well at all.
this is better


Especially in Phoenix AZ. Summer gets pretty old (unbearable) about the end of September.

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