Neuroactive Lyrics

Keep The Style, Don't Change
Always Remain The Same
Just Shine, Ingratiate
In Light But Don't Delay
On The Edge, On The Edge

Don't Say A Word, Don't Break
Your Code Don't Make Mistakes
Don't Slip Or Hesitate
Just Hide Your Inner State
On The Edge, On The Edge

Keep It Safe And Sleek
Keep It Nice And Neat
So Cold And Ultraclean
Don't You Ever Feel
The Shrieking Of Your Nerves
Anxiety Emerge
Just Keep On Laughing Loud
With The Worthless Herd
On The Edge, On The Edge

Artificial Joy
Superficial Fun
Cold And Monochrome
Your Superficialdome
On The Edge, On The Edge

Contributed by Violet L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


so be it! :D

pissed1off1guy bares the distinctive mark of the toris :D..if u know what i'm talking about


thx for the rate. bout the random pics guess the malkavian in mw took over :D . i think the ravnos are coming up next...or no what would you like ? :)


i'd bet it's hell of a fun actually feeding that demon. By the way, tell Sam a wacky malkavian said hi(namely me of course ) and that i'd be haunting that ancestral demon any time soon ... My Childhood dream actually haunting a ghost(in this case a demon), ironic .yet righteous...


u like to make comparisons, don't u? :)


Okay, *flicks spinner* Gangrel!They're cool anyway. :)


Lasombra can't control and neither understand the shadows i'm talking about.


love neuroactive <3 best finnish music ever


nah come on take a pick. which one you would like...if u don't have a desired one simply choose randomly :D


as long as there are a couple of malks there guarding him that possessed demon is more dead than protected...or should i say "demented". the same goes for the rest the renegade lot :). by the way, have u seen spykey?

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