It's Me Again
Roberto Carlos Lyrics

Letters in the fireplace
Last glance at the glossy's
Fore they hit the trash
Just another check I couldn't cash
Save one case I write a book
Or take another look
Somewhere in december I've been alone since May
Wonder what they're doing in L.A.
If I called and she was home what would I say?
I'd say it's me again
Calling just to say I never wanna speak to you
After all the things you put me through
When you left me on my own drive
Through your neighborhood
Just to tell you that I'm gone for good
Make it clear and understood
I'm so much better all alone
It's me again
It's me again
Sknow flakes falling from above
But they melt and disappear
Like the thing we thought was love
And wash away like tears
Second city winter
Hand so cold, can't light my cigarette
If there's warmth, I haven't found it yet
I think I'm learning how I can forget
It's me again
It's me again

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Comments from YouTube:

Marcos Quevedo

Apenas corrigindo a informação, ano passado ele recebeu a placa comemorativa da Sony na Espanha pelos mais de 140 milhões de discos vendidos em todo mundo.

José Augusto Carlin

Um fantástico cantor...temos que valorizar sempre. Uma carreira absurdamente brilhante...orgulho do Brasil.

Sandro Luiz Machado

Nosso querido Roberto Carlos merece!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Marilene Rosa Borges

Adoro as músicas 💝💗 do Rei Roberto Carlos fã que Ama

José Augusto Carlin

Fantastic song. The King Roberto Carlos

Luiz Alberto

Muito boa essa música me traz muitas saudades

rogerio muniz

Lenda the king

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