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rocko's modern life
Rocko's Modern Life Lyrics

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always wondered why everyone in the opening credits seemed to hate him? He never did anyone wrong and was a nice guy who kept to himself. People are assholes and I think this cartoon was a warning of what to expect in real life when we later grew up and became adults. 


Wow, nice perspective! Never thought of it that way when the show was airing. I guess the sign "Real World" should have been a major hint.


i was thinking about that sign too when i wrote that.


yeah. its always been in my nature to overthink things anyway.


buddyroach I love how the clock hits him and he grows up. That's brilliant stuff right there.


Except Heffer :v

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Love the satire of this opening; how we're forced to deal with growing up, told to learn this and that, and then thrown into the real world totally unprepared with maybe a pet to help keep us together. Wish I realized this watching as a kid.


Lonnie Mishoe saame


I wished I realized a lot of things before I actually became an adult maybe I would’ve “grown up”


The theme song is so good, that I don’t even care.

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