Take Me Away
Royce da 5'9" Lyrics

[Chorus: Royce (Amerie)]
Take me away, from all the pressures of living today
And save me, I feel so alone
I don't want to live, when you appear take my soul
Just go, I want to come home
(Take me away, from all the pressures of living today)
(And save me, I feel so alone)
(I don't want to live, when you appear take my soul)
(Just go, I want to come home)
[Royce Da 5'9" (Amerie)]
(I don't want to live) Rather acting or clapping
Attacking rap, if it happens to happens, it happens, I want to
(Take my own life) Something that goes on inside of my head
Cause I'm only alive 'til I'm dead ? and
(That could be today) Keep a gun with me cocked
Come with my squad, nobody knows my number but God, and homie
(When it's your turn) Even the paradise is a heaven
The dice is a seven, you eternally burn, baby
(This is how it goes) I think you need to wake up
You only here to just take space up, your maker is your breaker
(And it's so, real) Doomed!
If you been to a funeral before you felt the Grim Reaper in the room, cause
(Death comes in three's) Yes, you could only guess
Which one of you next (which one it's gon', be)
(But could it be, you?) Maybe
But you don't think about it though, 'til them wakes is replaced by daisies


[Royce Da 5'9" (Amerie)]
(Sometimes I want to cry) Asking myself why
Is it when fake niggas collide real niggas divide, but
(It should be the other way) Dog, I feel you
Don't let 'em get to you, I love you, and you know who you are
(And until we meet again) I just hope you choose your soldiers wisely
Cause likely the truth'll come out in the end, and
(And when it's that, time) We break bread, reflect back
Chill with the Lord and wait for the next batch
(Of more hungry MC's) The new breed's climbin these trees
Signing these deeds, y'all remind me of me, haha
(Cause this is your life) The soul is selling
Your whole intelligent mode is exposed to the Devil
(And when you looking back!) You never get your look back
Flow or hook back, it's over, yo he took that, but
(But he can take me) I'm right there
Thought I was chasing a dream, shit I was chasing a nightmare


Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Written by: PETER CUNNAH

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Comments from YouTube:

kvn Lee

Got me thru tuff times. And times r tuff rn smh

Danny Phantom

I forgot about this song..
so so slept on..as he has been his whole career..people probably think he first came out w slaughterhouse..well anyone under 30..just an opinion..thanks for posting these tracks

Lucas Becker


Teezy Apps

Danny Phantom brings back memories of when this was recorded.. pretty sure I still got the original master (about double the length) somewhere (along with a buncha mind blowing tracks that hopefully one day I'll be able to share). Funny what you mention with house gang cause I'm way outta touch with this generation - figured peeps thinkin he came out with crap like lighters or something.. sure many know but Ryan and Marshall been rhyming together since 90s (think Scary Movies b/w Nuttin To Do) Boom was when he really gained exposure though! "Mans got skilllll"



Dustin Finley

Nickel 9 the god.

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