I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You
Silver Jews Lyrics

Baby won't you take this magnet
Maybe put my picture back on the fridge
I must've been crazy to let you get away like you did
Like a brown bird nesting in a Texas casern
I got a point of view

And the kicker is that
I'm getting back
Into getting back
Into you

I guess over time we became ducks
I never seemed to see you much
Then the world turned and got away
We fell out of touch

I've been working at the airport bar
It's like Christmas in a submarine
Wings and brandy on a winter's night
I guess you wouldn't call it a scene

Now my ex-wife's living in the suburbs with her guru and her mom
Now she finds her consolation in the stardust of a barn
You can call it a spinoff, say it's a knockoff, title it part two

But I'm getting back
Into getting back
Into getting back into you

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This song was always the one whose lyrics blew me away—plenty of other great songs, but the line about the airport bar...so perfect!

Rest easy David!


did you get that from exurb1a's email?

Flat Accord Music

"I've been working at the airport bar, it's like Xmas in a submarine. Wings and brandy on a winter's night. I guess you wouldn't call it a scene." Just another Berman Wow.

Selton K

He was an absolute genius. That lyric is realistic blues. Like a brown bird nesting in a Texaco sign (an ugly, artificially lit, certainly derelict perch) I've got a point of view (a potholed empty parking lot). He's not complimenting her, but that'll do. Transcendental blues .

lucky three

i like it when david does the monster mash talk vocal makes me happy.


i hope both of your families have a good year and realize how much you all love each other

michael bouwman

RIP David Berman, passed way, way too soon at 52

ron siplon

RIP David

Lee Eppel

love these guys


Silver Jews are the greatest Pavement to walk down since there isn't any Pavement left to walk on. My God, Daveangular, can't you recognise lyrical genius at its highest, at least. Berman is up there with Dylan and Cohen, two more Silver Jews. In fact, he's so different from anybody else out there it's incredible. Nobody writes lyrics like this guy. He's a true original. And don't get me wrong, Malkmus is a God, and up there with the greats as well, birds of a feather flock together.

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