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Digital Booklet: Det Liknar Ingenting
Sofia Pettersson Lyrics

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The Fockn

@frontname backname I thought about that and if anyone does I'm going to say exactly this:

"Well, technically the FBI (or other Federal agency) but I'm in records administration, which is basically a cross between a librarian and a stock boy. I had to leave work early the other day and I'm just trying to catch up on some things I didn't get done, you know homework"

If they ask any additional questions I'll make it up as I go.

If they ask for a more detailed description I thought about saying:

"remember the first Indiana Jones movie when he found the Ark of the Covenant. To he scene at the end when they brought it back to America and the government guy told Indiana Jones who wanted to know where the ark was put he said we have top men working on it and in the next scene there's a massive Warehouse filled with 1000s of boxes and some poor janitor looking guy pushing a huge box on a cart so somewhere in the endless Warehouse filled with stuff the government forgot they had or don't care about anymore?

I'm that janitor looking guy except instead of a warehouse I have a cubicle and instead of boxes I have all these damn audio"

depending on which SCP I'm listening to he oughta be significantly freaked out because East Side sounds just like a real agent issuing a report.


@Vito's Vids Firstly, I don't have a reddit account and I don't tend to go there very often. The one time I made a reddit account to give feedback on a piece of open source software whose dev only accepted feedback on reddit, facebook and twitter, reddit removed my post because it thought it was spam - I deleted my account after that.

Secondly, I'm not actually subbed to any creepypasta reader on youtube, it's just that the algorithm will recommend one once in a while and if I like the story I'll see a few for the next week or so.

Thirdly, most youtubers I've listened to have the #creepypasta under their video. Not to mention most are named after it, Dr. Creepen and his Dr. Creepen's Doungeon, Mr. Creeps, CreepyMacPasta, CreepyPastaJr and so on. That or with the exception of The Dark Somnium, YouTube only recommends me guys with Creep in their name ;-P

Fourthly, while I emphasis on the I part only listened to the story earlier this year, the story itself was published late last year:

It's the third in a series of 5.

EDIT. I just realised what video this is on. I think I linked the wrong story. This is a story that reminded me of short movie I watched earlier this year. I'll get back to you when I remember which story this reminds me of.

EDIT 2 Found the right video this time:

it's a really old one that I only listened to earlier this year. It's about a guy that slowly turns into a stalker when he becomes obsessed with a stranger on a bus. The end result is nonetheless similar to this SCP. I don't know which came first.

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Eastside Show SCP

This video was redone because of many complaints in a short amount of time with the voice over for the first D-class involved. Also the audio has been remastered to be louder / clearer as well.

Nun seriously

Good work!


@AnimeShinigami13 And . . . ?


you know this SCP reminds me of the saying "all that's needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing." But the implication then is that the Foundation is evil. >.>

collin kelly

Man whatever let them bitch. Your doing awesome man ! Hope your doing ok. Your videos always make my night when I get off work. Keep it up bud !

Evan Abbott

It’s good stuff, keep up the great work buddy😁👍

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When they make you open the journal and send them a picture of every page.. You should know you ain't coming back.

alper akyuz

@Mcarthy Wasright my headcannon is that foundation sometimes abudcts homeless people,drug addicts refugees etc when low on inmates but tell researchers that they are death row inmates to make their consience clear about using them. The researchers use d class liberally because mtf or trained personnel are hard to replace in foundation.

Marie Carie

Rockspoon Ooooh I actually didn’t think of that. Yikes.

Eastside Show SCP

yeah that would be a pretty good indicator unfortunately.

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