Let's Go Get Stoned
Sublime Lyrics

I swear sometimes you're taking me for granted
I swear sometime you're a whore
I swear but I know there ain't no reason
'Cause everything is such a bore

At night I had a dream, though it made me sick
Saw you in your bedroom sucking someone else's dick, (my goodness!)
My friends all laughed, said it was my fault
Said it's time that it happened to me
But I know that the show was much more than a blow
So I'm waiting for the tide to get low
Waiting for the tide to get low

(I said, fuck that, motherfucker, you bitin' it. Shit!)

If I was an ant crawling upon the wall
Tell me, baby, would it make no difference at all?
If I was a roach on a tree
Tell me would you smoke me?

Bright lights put me in a trance
But it ain't house music, makes me want to dance (word)
I don't gamble, but I bet
I'm gonna die if I don't get a cigarette
Hold just because I always play the mack
Put the monkey on my back

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Fresh Martin

Sublime seamlessly blends punk and reggae in such in such a way, you can almost imagine Bradley walking up to his two band mates and saying "I like reggae"and them saying "we like punk" but they're like "I'ts Ok, I'm sure we can make it work" and they create this whole new genre. Bands whose members pass away early always seem to get elevated to God-like status, but that never happened with this band. They deff deserve the same respect as Nirvana. I'm from Long Island and these guys are the reason I dress and act like I'm from Long Beach!


Dude sublime is reggae and ska. Brad took a trip to one of the Caribbean islands and discovered this music and wanted to turn it into a genre of his own but Bob Marley and madness and all those other bands? They had it before sublime but sublime perfected the radio friendly version

Humble 9300

Reggae and punk has been fused way before Sublime. I'm not knocking sublime I'm just shedding light. The Bad Brains were one of the earliest bands doing such. Also in the late 70s/early 80s many reggae bands playing in the UK would open for Punk bands. Polar opposite styles of music but they also just work together.


@JOOSE PLAYS no they play really fast punk songs too. They definitely a blend of punk ska reggae


Punk, Reggae, and Jazz.

Live Ben Brady


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Lloyd Christmas

Bradley is the man. Not only is he a great musician, he has great musical taste.

RIP Bradley, Toby dog, Lou dog and most of all Sublime.

Shane McCaffrey

@WNY Alchemical society especially scarlet begonias by the grateful dead. They really nailed that one🤘

shane shafer

We missed out on a whole generation of music when bradley passed rip

WNY Alchemical society

I don't think enough people appreciate that.

Even just the cover songs they put on their albums,
are really eclectic & excellent choices!

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