He's A Pirate
Tiësto ft. Hans Zimmer Lyrics

Where did you get that?
On your feet!
(Techno music)

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Comments from YouTube:

Mr. Big Man

Me waiting for the beat to drop: Gets coffee and breakfast, checks the whole house, everything is fine.
Me when the beat finally drops: I... am... Captain Jack Sparrow.

Celeste Tesla

@Mr. Big Man 😂😂😂



Mr. Big Man

@Ilumi Sandra thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed this comment.

Why'd I make it anyway?

Ilumi Sandra

Dude I love this comment, it epitomizes the experience of early 2000 house and trance so perfectly. XD

Daniel B

I wonder if they are making Pirates of the Caribbean 6

Henry ESJ

They are but it’s not going to be as good

It’s without the original trio:(Jack and Elizabeth and Will).


@KareBear 4789 well don't you sound sensitive lol. Youre one of those people who obsess arent you.. i bet you have hundreds of Johnny depp posters in your house. All his movies maybe?

Douglas Freer

I am Captain Jack. 33.

Hugebaert Quentin

No pirate of the carabbean but they will do another series

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