And She Said
To Be Juliet's Secret Lyrics

And She said that We could be
Anything as long as You're my
Everything, that's all I'll ever

I'm just a girl probably
Not Your type. I like to stay up
Late at night, to think of all the
Places I want to go, and try to
Live a fairytale who knows.

Hate to disappoint You, but I'm
Not the one made for You. maybe
I'm just one of a kind. is there
Any boy for me?
Does He have the
Heart to my key? if He took the
Time to see, there's so much more
That we could be.

And She said
That We could be anything as long
As You're my everything, that's all
I'll ever need.

You beat me
To the catch this time, try to
Find Your heart to give You mine,
But my legs did shiver as my lips
Did quiver and I couldn't find the
Words I dropped the line. You have
All the eyes glued on You, every
Boy dying to be who, You say You
Love and call at night I never
Thought that I just might. I can
Take You and I'll save You, up
Until the day that we're through.
Oh, wait miss lovely, I'll never be
Leaving You.

I can save

Don't say they're words
Just for tonight, I'm only smiling
Cause they sound so cute and
Right. Please make it more than

I will save

Don't say they're words
Just for tonight. I'm only smiling
Cause We seem so cute and right.
Please make us more than

Cause' We could be
Anything just be My everything,
You're all I'll ever

And She said...

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Comments from YouTube:

Jennifer Weinstein

2019 here and still listening to this song. Thank you for not removing it.

Victoria Widner

its 2016 and i'm remembering this song right now, omggg.


I just remembered it tonight. Like omg what


We can be anything as long as I always have you in my life ill be happy. At this point you are my everything in a way even though I disagree with you and i don't think you will ever ask me out but after tonight I might love you.


Listening in 2020 ❤❤❤

odd ron uc tv


Kristina Hurkens

I love it, Its one of my favorites. thanks for watching <3

Alexis Wilson

i love this song!!! it sucks that their so unknown though :(

Stephanie Onyechi

this song is so amazing, i just wish the male vocal was a little bit better.

Rachel Dowd

goodness this is absolutely amazing. <3 favorite video of this song, its so easy to see whos talking. GREAT JOB!

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