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I thought I Was Home
We'd Riot for Less Lyrics

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You do...

But I doubt that they are in the public eye... 😁😁😁😁😁 I'll grant you this though. Jason Statham has a lot of qualities that this sheriff has, as far as I can tell. If more actors were like Jason Statham at least, regarding their personal character (oh yeah, Ricky Gervais is pretty admirable as well, from the little that I know about him, could be mistaken, not sure, etc.), well heck, maybe actors wouldn't be so despised... 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Of course, you have Angela Landsbury, etc.

And then there are politicians...

Most more honorable folks just don't get much press, whether its the USA or Britain, or wherever...


I say this without being rude or trying to be a know it all, but with the intention of educating.

The term Sheriff, at least in the United States in modern times means an Elected official, she serves as the lead Law Enforcement officer of the county, and they typically are in charge of the jails, and in some counties, they may be in charge of only jails, but the latter is not common.

Then below the Sheriff are Sheriff's Deputies, they are deputized. That means they are delegated authority in the absence of the elected Sheriff.

The term Officer is used typically for police departments for law enforcement officers who work below the Chief, who is generally appointed by the city's mayor. "Officers"

I use the word generally, because this is how it typically is. But there are exceptions, one for example is the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. A Metro Police Department typically integrates the city police departments into the county sheriff Department informs a Metro Police Department. They have an elected sheriff, and have officers that work for them, they are not " deputies ".

Another exception is when some cities form a police department, and a contract out to a sheriff department who has deputies, assigned to work out of a police department.

I see a lot of typos, I apologize for not fixing them, but it's kind of hard on a cell phone.

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I trust this man because he speaks calmly, directly and doesn't mince his words.

Tony Gville

And his gun is loaded 👍

Phil Montejano

He speaks calmly but his guns scream freedom when the burglars are blown away.

KMAC Radio

Like President Trump!

Jay B.

@KMAC Radio Nah, Grady's HONEST

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Sooner Bassn

A man with true grit. A voice of we the people.

RB Jefferies

Now there is a man that I would vote for. On that honors the constitution, his oath to protect& defend against all threats foreign an domestic.Thsys the kind of law enforcement officer that seems unbiased, doesn't view life nor freedom through the filter of race and from at least the initial perception can be trusted to not only apply the law toward citizens but on political officials,cops an citizen alike.
We need this man and others like him not only on local an county levels but to seek state an national office as well


Voice of the people? Which ones?

Damian Gryphon

@1234 Polk county by the looks of it. Turns out he's sheriff 'round those parts.


@1234hint: not violent criminals

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