This Is A Raid
You Love Her Coz She's Dead Lyrics

We used to love until the love turned bad
When the night burned with the best you ever had
Then the door breaks down and like "f*ck, this is a raid"
There's a debt of heavy weight on me that's never getting paid

We are the renegades

And for me it's hard with a magical fear in me
It went through the heart and made a magical tear in me
That's how we're.
We're never getting paid


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Comments from YouTube:

Buttz Carlton

still listen to this all the time

Sabrina Horak

Only found this recently but it’s an absolute banger



Ima Kiithy

perfect song !

Overlord Soviet Dash

I love the album cover.

No Thanks

There was a different version of this song which came out before the album version did.
Was on Youtube way back when but I've never been able to find it!
All I remember is that I liked it more than this one. If anyone has any idea what I'm on about, directions to that version would be appreciated!


Best Song! When I hear this, I just wanna do nothing else than PARTY. HARD!


Great rhythm!


This music gets everyone turnt irregardless

m01s _

Irregardless....... really man? Jesus fuck

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