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Time Lapse
Amir Hussain Lyrics

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Evil's Toy Life is but a walking shadow, one wise man said…
Harvest Inside the hourglass time is tumbling Inside the hourglass …
Holy Folk With a click and crash, made it clear in a…
L.E. Time Lapse Life is but a walking shadow one wise man…
Poppin'Party 陽が落ちて 歌声は星となり 流れだす time lapse そう 感じ続ける Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, o…

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Gamer In A Trance

+jody024 In this sort of "traditional" style trance music, I look for many things. The first is a strong bassline that feels clean, deep, atmospheric, loud and catchy. I get really annoyed when artists have basslines that are flat, repetitive and dull.

The next thing is a great melody. I want it to have emotion and depth, yet I don't want it to lose all the track's energy. I also don't want it to be one of those "uplifting" tracks that takes itself way too seriously and tries so hard to make you feel happy. Very rarely do those kinds of tracks work for me. Adding on, I also want the melody to flow properly and have sounds that work well with each other. It is a real pain when you hear melodies that feel like they don't work properly at all and just sound dull.

When it comes to vocals, I personally am not a fan in most cases. I only want vocals if it feels necessary. They should be catchy and actually mean something, not just be random "emotional" words stringed together. I don't mind it when sometimes there are only one-sentence vocals that are repeated multiple times throughout the track.

Finally, there's the intro and outro. I think they both can be really good when done right. They need to be long enough to be noticeable, but not too long so that the listener gets bored. I can't stand these 5 and 6 minute tracks that have 2 minute intros and outros. They just waste the listener's time. It would be okay if they were around 1 minute each. If you have a solid bassline, then that can also help with making the intro and outro more interesting.

So that's what I look for in these kinds of trance tracks. I hope you like this insight! Maybe you might find some things here that you might like to take into account in the future.

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Music Lover

This song is probably one of the most beautiful and inspiring trance songs I have ever heard ♥

Xheni Dajlanaj


Angel Garcia

This song is the Best of trance in our planet


2:15-3:40 AMAZING !!!


Dude.. the GOOSEBUMPS!!!

claudio alexander

+ NikoVanAthand yeah! fuckin awesome tune!

ian simpson

pure lad :)


+NikoVanAthand ...nothing more to say...


+NikoVanAthand I know right ?!

Panos Papakalodoukas

12 fans of Justin Bieber don't like this track!!!

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