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Motorcycle Daydream
Bedroom Eyes Lyrics

I will state my case;

yes, I've wasted all these days

just letting all my hopes mislead me in a haze

a sad cliché

but her absent smile has left me dazed

I won't use spite to find my way

all of my thoughts are soothing illusions

the start is new but I saw the ending scene

in this motorcycle daydream

anticipation wrapped in confusion

every bit of sense left along the line

there's a motorcycle daydream in my mind

I could need a hand

and I truly never planned

to go and fuck it up again and here I stand


every bit and piece, there's no small clue

helping me get closer to you

thinking ahead of time is my weak part

self-dramatizing, trusting what I've foreseen

in this motorcycle daydream

wishful events will orbit my lit heart

plain sick of all the things I can't leave behind

there's a motorcycle daydream in my mind

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Comments from YouTube:

Sam Lowry

Been looking everywhere for this CD, please contact me if you have it. Thanks.

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