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Darkness Falls Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Darkness Falls:

100 Meter Mind Dash The point of no return; that's all there is I look…
100 Meter Mind Dash(Original Mix) The point of no return; that's all there is I look…
Before the Light Takes Us Before the darkness falls And the shadows take their hold Ca…
Night Games Trembling echoes calling my name Usual suspects ready for ga…
Noise On The Line If I could see I wonder where I’ll start If you could…
The Void Where are you now? Are you in despair? Out of words,…
The Void (Trentemöller Piano Version) Where are you now? Are you in despair? Out of words, out…

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Comments from YouTube:

Cinematic Addict

Best part of the movie...scared the shit outs me

Nagj autumn

Errrrrie, loved it. One of the creepiest intros🎃

Thomas Smith

Anyone see a plot similarity with this movie (Darkness Falls) with the Alan Wake game? I know this movie came out eight years before the game, but anyone see the identical similarities between the two stories here? For one the Main Antagonist in both of them, is an evil dark hag, who use to be beloved by the town’s community, until a tragic death corrupts them, cursed to haunt the town they once called home, the name of the town is the title of the movie, while the town in Alan Wake is called Bright Falls, and they both are located near pine forests. And they both have the same mechanics with Darkness and Light? Not to mention both have characters that have a phobia with the darkness, at least with Alan’s wife who has the phobia, both create an unsettling feeling while both characters are in the dark?


Dude I just finished this game and you're absolutely right

Richard Fuller

This would have been a much better movie than the actual movie.

Sammy William

East at least it's not the bye bye man where it takes itself way too serious this is something that I'm not going to lie it's not a good movie it's not a great movie it's a guilty pleasure it's something that's fun to watch but at least the characters in this movie try they don't try good don't get me wrong but at least they try

A Walking Vibe Check

Always be wary of the people you hurt, for even the smallest among us will find the means to obtain vengeance.

Yvette Boyd

Also We Love The Ending Song. Song By: Vixtrola,Name:Gunboat. Once Again Great Horror Movie!!

Matthew Anthony

Playing the blame game never solves anything.

Brittany Kearby

Thanks for posting this

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