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Son of a Gun
The La's Lyrics

If you want I'll sell you a life story
About a man who's at loggerheads with his past all the time
He's alive and living in purgatory
All he's doing is rooming up in hotels
And scooping up lots of wine
There was once a boy of life
Who lived upon a knife
He took his share of everywhere
But he never took a wife
He was born to live like a mercenary
Well personally I think that's fine
If you're in the right mind
He was burned by the twentieth century
Now he's doing time
In the back of his mind
He can hear them outside
Better run, rabbit run
Run into the sun
Kick your heels in the killing fields
Run, run, rabbit run
You're a son of a gun

Written by: LEE MAVERS

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The Betbet Underground

+Gareth H I think I would list the album as my top album after having constantly listened to it for a year now and realizing that it just gets better and better like no other album does to me. But then again I just put "the mythical unreleased La's album" instead because that one could have been even greater, impossible it may be to top the released version. Imagine. 18 La's tunes! 18 of the greatest songs ever made all in one album! And sequenced by Mavers himself! It goes this way (it's from Macefield's book):

Son Of A Gun
Freedom Song
Clean Prophet
Come In Come Out
Way Out
There She Goes
Timeless Melody
I Can't Sleep
Knock Me Down
Liberty Ship
Callin' All
Looking Glass
Who Knows?


if you want i'll sell you a life story
about a man who's at loggerheads with his past all the time
he's alive and living in purgatory
all he's doing is rooming in hotels
and scooping up lots of wine

there was once a boy of life
who lived upon a knife
he took his share of everywhere
but he never took a wife...

he was born live like a mercenary
well personally i think that's fine
if you're in the right mind
he was burned by the twentieth century
now he's doing time
in the back of his mind
he can hear them outside

better run, rabbit run
run into the sun
kick your heels in the killing fields
run rabbit run
you're a son of a gun

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Jay Paul

Lee was a genius. He is a genius. This album is a balm for my soul. God bless you, la.


@Sarah Riedel Great use of music, rhythm & lyrics.
Ten or more years earlier I did the same kind of thing to whatever was hot at the time. I had an advantage, in that I took up road running and would use my Walkman to get my pace (cadence & breathing) to time with whatever I had on. 30-40min later, my heart rate falling fast as I showered, chilled for rest of the day.

Spotless Leopard

@Sarah Riedel I'm glad you survived love.

Sarah Riedel

I was taking multiple AP (university-level) courses at the same time and I would have these excruciating panic attacks in the middle of class and I would flee to the locker room, barricade myself inside a stall and play this song over and over again on my Discman

Sarah Riedel

I sincerely attribute this song to the fact that I didn't kill myself when I was a teenager in high school in the United States in the late '90s

TheUnicornandthe Fairy

I concur.

The Betbet Underground

Not everybody mentions it but Mavers had impeccable guitar skills. Just the picking pattern in this song is unbelievable. And go watch him do that live rendition of this song with There She Goes coming next. He does this insane picking all the while he sings. Force of nature. Oh, and I shan't forget to mention The Crescent Tape! How great is the guitar work showcased there. Minefield, Open Your Mind, The Human Race...some glimpse of some never heard, never released greatest album of all time.

The Betbet Underground

@Volatile Sadness hey this comment was from 4 years ago. i was a novice guitarist. everything i heard blew me away then. but my opinion of this performance hasn't changed. i tend to be wordy when i try to describe things. but the sentiment is still the same. lee is a mighty tight ass player. completely locked into the groove. never missing a beat as they say. can't appreciate his musicality enough. nuff said.

Volatile Sadness

it seems like everyone mentions it. and it's true.

jaye see

Thanks for that explanation. All these years and I never realised...

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